Verlassen (Abandonment)

Nach der Bilderserie ganz unten noch ein kleiner Text über die Bilderserie (in Englisch).


Verlassen (Abandonment) – ever since my childhood I can remember there is this caravan in the midst of a meadow, that does still not seem to belong to anybody. The caravan always appeared as something mysterious, forbidden and scary with his backyard and rotten wooden house. I have never seen any people there.
As a child you often question yourself about such mysterious things and imagine the craziest stories and happenings: Did a couple had a conflict? Did somebody die? Did someone escape and left this behind?
What destroyed the relationship between the caravan and the owner?
Some day I remembered the caravan and decided to just get there and to find out what it really was all about. I was inside, outside, in between – and yet I have no idea what it is all about and who lived here. Quite the contrary: I even have more space to create the craziest stories in my mind now.
The secret will always remain a secret to me.

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    thies (Samstag, 15 März 2014)

    nice :)